Learn More About Heidi Powell and Her Fight to Keep HeidiPowell.com

Angela and Heidi

Hang on to your Stetson’s everyone, because we’re going on a little dinner cruise! April 28th, 7-10 pm abroad the Houston Party Boat. Boarding is at 6:45 p.m., rain or shine!

DnHouston Stands By Heidi Powell

I sat down and had a very candid conversation with Heidi Powell about her ongoing fight to keep the domain name she’s had for over a decade. Heidi’s husband gave her her domain name- HeidiPowell.com as an anniversary present back in 2005. After using the name primarily for email and forwarding for the past 10+ years, along came another Heidi Powell. The reality star wanted the HeidiPowell.com domain name for her own brand and first attempted to obtain it through a cybersquatting lawsuit. After it became apparent she wouldn’t prevail, she changed her strategy and has been trying to obtain the domain name through opening up an old bankruptcy case the Powells had gone through many years ago.

Watch the video below to learn more.


Food and beverages* will be included in admission and ticket proceeds will be donated towards the Heidi Powell domain defense fund. If you are unable to attend, but still wish to support this cause, please check out Heidi’s GoFundMe campaign.

DnHouston will take place on April 28th from 7-10:00 pm abroad the  infamous Houston Party Boat. We are bringing you all together to connect, share and grow. Tickets are now on sale at a minimal fee of $25 each. There are only 50 tickets available this time around, so get yours as soon as possible. Register Here

Please don’t bring fliers or pamphlets of domains to the event. Sales and negotiations are welcome, but please submit your domains to info@dnhouston.com to be added to a master list that all attendees will receive in advance. We are establishing this practice for your convenience.dnhouston

For additional information about our scheduled meetup or to discuss speaking or sponsor opportunities, please contact us at sponsor@dnhouston.com. We look forward to seeing you all there!

* Beer, Wine and Non-Alcohol beverages will be served by the facilities’ bartender and all guest must be at least 21 years of age in order to be served alcohol. All guest must agree to respect the guidelines set by the facility, and its’ staff. Please drink responsibly!


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  • Its just HORRIBLE that this has been allowed to go on and on! Heidi and Kent Powell have been put thru this bullying all because that nasty, selfish woman and HER MONEY are buying their way along?!!! Heidi and Kent’s privacy is now at stake . . . how can this be happening! No one I know has even ever HEARD of this supposed “celebrity” but she keeps throwing money at the trustee and demanding she gets what she wants??? Because she is a celebrity???? No, thats not the way it works!!!! So when did that get considered “okay?! Like NEVER! Everyone needs to stand up and demand that this is NEVER allowed to happen to anyone else!!!! No more bullying!!!

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