Highlights Of Our First Ever DnHouston Meetup!

DnHouston Meetup

Our first ever DnHouston was not only a great evening, but so far we’ve raised $360 for the Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Relief Fund! Don’t forget, any NamesCon 2017 Conference passes purchased with our special meetup code will also earn $100 additional dollars towards this fund, so go register your ticket!

DnHouston Starts Small, But Makes Big Plans!

Renee and Angela

After Renée’s surprise landing, we caught up over breakfast, before the big meetup.

Let me share some of the highlights- regardless of the weather conditions we had special guests Renée Dodge of Mod Domains, fly in from Arizona, and Kevin Diaz, of Domain Sponsor, fly in from New York! That was such an amazing surprise.

Our guests enjoyed two great speakers, Eric Lyon, Administrator (NamesPros) and Kevin Kopas, Channel Managar (PIR.org). Because we had such an intimate crowd, each speaker chose the question and answer format, which allowed them to engage with the audience and give them information tailored specifically to their interests.

Kevin at DnHouston

Kevin speaking to us about Domains after his visit and experience in China.

Brandon Goetz won the free NamesCon ticket after poor Amanda Lyon, who was responsible for handling the drawing, drew her own name out of the bag. She didn’t feel comfortable accepting it because she drew her own name. I am now on a mission to get her a ticket!! She later won a PIR umbrella. Jason Franklin won a free The Domain Conference ticket, which he is over the moon about because he had this conference on his wish list this year.
Crush Wine Lounge has an amazing Chef, who severs only the best!

Crush Wine Lounge has an amazing Chef, who severs only the best!

Due to DomainAgents generosity, our guests enjoyed a lovely buffet of delicious foods and complimentary drinks. At the end of the night, no one wanted to go home. In order to solve that problem, we agreed to have these gatherings regularly so that everyone has the opportunity to stay in touch on a face to face basis.

Our plans are to get together once ever four months to have a discussion about what’s going on in the industry, brain storm on any projects we’re working on, or help each other solve any problems they’re having with their work. Overall, I’d say that we were successful creating an environment where we can all connect, share and grow! We hope you’ll join us in August!


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